little chairs

I love it when Oresti surprises me with unique creations!  I came outside one day last month to find these little stump chairs sitting around this cute blue table.  He had been clearing part of the land and I guess was inspired:)  He constantly amazes me!  And the girls LOVE eating their snack and meals outside at their special table.


so happy together!


I had the opportunity recently to photograph this amazing couple!  I’ve known them for awhile and was so happy to capture their love for each other on camera.  Love you guys!!

Meet Mabel

Mabel Kathryn.  Our 6th daughter!  She is a blessing from God and we are so thrilled she’s here!!




But let’s go back a little over a month since my posting has been non existent for awhile. . .


Here’s what I looked like then:)  Strangers didn’t believe me when I would say, “there’s only one in there!”  Thankyou.  Yes, I know I’m freakishly large.  But really, I love being pregnant.  It was a great pregnancy even with the move to the country at 7 months and all the work that was involved.

Then the birth in our little cabin.  It was perfect.  Mabel sweetly waited for our wonderful midwife to arrive.  June came with about 5 minutes to spare before Mabel made her appearance!  Oresti was nervously watching out the window.  But Mabel arrived safe and sound and absolutely beautiful! 6 pounds 14 oz.

She is so adored by all her sisters!

My sweet little Mabel.

F a c e b o o k