Yarn Along! {and other things}

Joining Ginny over at Small Things on the weekly Yarn Along!  Knitting is probably my favorite thing to do when I want to relax.  I’m continuing to work on this sweater and I’m more optimistic that it will actually fit Luli, my oldest!!  I’m about to begin a different lace pattern for the bottom half of it, so excited to see how it turns out!




In other news around here, I got the chance to do a quick mini session with Betsy, my spunky 3 year old!  She did great until she was done and she said “that’s enough pictures”:)


Our kitties follow us every where we go in the woods.


Major news!  We’re ALMOST done with our house!!  My husband has built it all by himself (all 2100 sq ft of it!).  The other day he borrowed my gardening hat as he was working in the sun and it was rather hot for a early February day!  Betsy was quite disturbed that he would wear my hat, haha!  She kept telling him, “that’s a girl’s hat Babi!  Don’t wear THAT!  You need to wear your own hat Babi!”  hahaha!!  She’s my only girl who is sensitive about these things.  She’s definitely got some opinions!   I think he looks rather dashing:)


And speaking of fashion, little sister has got some style:) Mabel also enjoys joining her sisters now for tea parties!

Project 52 | week 5

Yay!  Keeping up with my goal even though we’re in the midst of finishing up our house!!

Here’s my entry for week 5, exploring with my 3 year old, Betsy:)

Love the things she has to say.


Project 52 | week 4

Love this one of my oldest.  I love serious portraits and I adore black and white.


F a c e b o o k