Mandy + Mitch Engaged!


Mandy & Mitch:)  I had so much fun photographing this couple!  I can’t believe it took me this long to blog about it!!  This was near the beginning of the year and I just shot their beautiful garden wedding this past April.  I’ll post their wedding soon, it totally deserves it’s own feature.

For their engagement session we started out at a popular Austin wall art spot, then on to a park and ended up on top of a parking garage (where I secretly have always wanted to shoot!).

favorite photo of the day:)

Our Simple Life


As many of you know, we’ve moved!  Over the last couple of months, my husband has been working extremely hard to build a cabin for us to live in while he’s building a larger home.  It was a lot of long hours {the girls barely saw him for 3 or 4 months} but it was all worth it because we are loving our new life in the country!  We are in a little 450 sq ft cabin in the middle of the woods:)  No oven, no dishwasher, no washing machine or dryer.  We cook outside, eat outside, play and work all day.  The girls have goats, chickens, kittens and a dog to chase all day.  We didn’t bring many toys with us, so they are creating their own toys out of rocks and sticks, or just going on grand explores through the woods.  We have wanted to be out on land for years now and it feels so good to finally be here!

The cabin is not completely done, it still needs trim on the outside and it needs to be stained.  The inside is getting there, still needs some more drywall and plaster in places.  But I have a sink now and running water!  When we first moved we were just using the hose outside for washing dishes, etc. . . So it is so lovely to have water inside now!  Anyway, here are some photos of our first few weeks of living here.


fresh milk from our Mama goat:)

baby boy goat is a fun playmate to the girls!

door to the cabin.

the girls love the book Roxaboxen and they finally created their own Roxaboxen village!  I think they’re standing in Luli’s house here.

little rascals:)

Oresti poured a patio on 2 sides of the cabin which we use all day!  He got this little mixer for the job, but quickly realized he was faster just doing it by hand.

I love the scalloped edge he put under the roof!

hard at work

chasing chickens off the patio

in my opinion this is the only way to eat corn!  sooooo incredibly good just how it is, nothing added to it.  Girls all agreed

the ceiling under the loft.

the twins did this to Annie:)  they said they were “painting” her.

once a week we do pizza on the fire and oh my goodness, it is amazing!

Kara + Myles

This gorgeous couple is so special to me, especially Kara, the bride.  I got to take her high school senior photos where she first told me about her boyfriend, Myles.  Then I got to photograph their engagement photos.  Now their wedding:)  There’s something so special about young love!


The wedding was at Flying T Ranch in Bertram, TX.  Gorgeous venue and we had the perfect weather at the end of May!  I loved the outdoor porch for the ceremony and the grounds were so pretty!!


Lots of photos now to see, so sit back and enjoy:)


F a c e b o o k