Yarn Along!

Two of my favorite things {besides photography} are knitting and reading.  I’m joining Ginny over at Small Things for her weekly “yarn along” where we share what we’ve been knitting and reading.  Just realized I don’t have any pictures of what I’ve been reading!  Oops!  Next week:) It’s been mostly kids books anyway. . . not so much time these days for MY reading.  Poppy stays up late, kids get up early. . . life keeps happening throughout the day.  It’s sweet but busy!!  I’m just glad I was able to finish my Sweater for Poppy.  She wore Mabel’s dress for her baptism this past Sunday.  Well, I knitted the dress for Mabel’s baptism, but intended for any other daughters to wear it and then I would love to have granddaughters wear it.  Love the idea of passing something down to future generations.  I added the bonnet and sweater for Poppy though.


In other news, miss Mabel has joined the group of wild explorers!:) I’m always a tiny bit sad when my toddlers leave my side to join the sisters when they roam outside.  She was so ready though and she’s having a blast following them around.  She seems like such a big girl now!


Chilly mornings


I think Autumn is my favorite season.  After such a long, HOT summer, it’s so refreshing to wake up to a chill in the air. . . even if that chill is in the 60s!  This morning we woke up to the 50s which was oh-so-wonderful and had the girls scrambling for blankets to wrap up in.  Not sure if I should start the process of switching out summer clothes for winter clothes yet or not.  This is that time of year when our clothing bins get so full because we need a little of both types of clothing.  If you haven’t seen my system, I keep a small IKEA bin for each girl, has each name on each bin.  That’s all the clothing they get, whatever fits in that.  Makes my life so much simpler and easy!  They do wear out the clothes a bit quicker because they don’t have many options, but we have more clothing in bigger bins put away so when something is past repair, I simply get something out of the bigger bins.  This system also makes laundry so easy, and I keep the bins all together in one “closet” room so putting laundry away is way easy too.

Anyway, I got side tracked.  Chilly morning, love them!  Luli loves to grab her Grimm’s fairy tales book and do some reading before breakfast.  The other girls one by one emerge from their bedroom, sleepy eyed and also wrapped up in blankets, greeting me as I sit at the table with a hot cup of coffee and a book.  I love the quiet of the mornings, so peaceful when everyone is still a little groggy. Sofi was quietly counting her “treasures” this morning.   Doesn’t last long and then this group of girls start talking and don’t take a break till 9pm at night!  haha!

I’m making progress on my Sweater for Poppy!  Finished the body part, now on to the sleeves.  Can’t wait to see her in it!  The girls have been requesting what color of sweater I will make for them.  I hate to break it to them but Oresti said I can’t buy any more yarn until I use up what I’ve got.  And what I’ve got is blue, lots of it.

I started letting the girls have painting time during our homeschool days!  I’m actually quite proud of myself.  Art messes have always overwhelmed me.  But this past week we’ve painted (5 of the girls) a handful of times and I haven’t had one panic attack, haha!  Love seeing their work, I just need to figure out how to display it.

Life can be messy with soooo many little ones, but I wouldn’t trade this life for any other.

Now that it’s Fall (and the weather is cooperating) , I can officially start making everything apple!

Happy Autumn!!

Poppy June

We welcomed our sweet 7th blessing in June and named her Poppy June.  This is one of the last photos of me pregnant with her, holding our 6th, Mabel.  I love getting a shot with the youngest while still pregnant, their whole world changes a bit with a new baby.  Thankfully it’s been a great transition for Mabel and she’s soooo in love with her new baby!



The other day Oresti gathered these wild flowers for me and I braided them into a wreath for Poppy.  She’s 8 weeks old here and I can barely stand the cuteness!!


I missed Yarn Along this week with Ginny over at Small Things. . . just couldn’t get it together this week, although I did pick up my knitting (though not as much as I’d like) and I have been reading this amazing book, absolutely love it!!  It’s by Sally Clarkson and her daughter Sarah.  I’ve been waking up way before everyone each morning and getting some alone reading with my cup of coffee.  Love!!  I need that quiet time before my thundering herd awakes, haha!  The knitting that I’m working on is a sweater for Poppy.  I’m not really following a pattern, just coming up with it as I go along.  I knit sweaters all in one piece from the neck down.  But I’m making this one rather lacy since our Falls and Winters are not so cold.

This past weekend was wet and rainy {and muddy}  so we thought the perfect weather for a bonfire to get rid of some brush we had in piles!  The girls were so excited to help out. . . mainly just cheering Oresti on, haha!  Of course Annie found a toad, she always does.



And one more of this little one because I had to end with some extra cuteness:) Love her to pieces!!

F a c e b o o k