Oh these two!  My Annie and Betsy:)  So much fun, trouble, energy, sneakiness, silliness, cuteness. . . bottled into these little people!  These girls are 15 months apart and do everything together.  They drive each other crazy but can’t stand to be apart:)  They are going to be hilarious little old ladies!


these adorable outfits are from Nooks Design!!!  go check them out, we love them!!!



Pizza Night!


We’ve been living out in the country now for about 9 months now.  About a month ago Oresti, my husband, finished this brick oven!!  Up until then, we have not been able to bake anything – we are living in a small cabin with no real kitchen (we do have a sink).  This brick oven is better than an oven though, it is AMAZING!!!!  The pizza is fabulous!  We’ve also been able to bake pastitsio ( a Greek pasta dish) and a cake.  For pizza we have a good system down, I do the rolling and the toppings (with the help of our oldest daughter) and Oresti keeps baking them (they only take about 90 seconds!), so we’re able to do quite a lot in a quick amount of time and then our girls can eat them in about 90 seconds too so it works out well, haha!


This Spring is just gorgeous!!  This is my favorite time of day, right before sunset.

playing with shadows

Dodson Family!


oh I love this family so much!  It was such a joy to photograph them!  Oresti and I look up to them so much, the way they are raising their children, their marriage, just a wonderful family.  And I’m so thankful we had a beautiful day for their session!

Favorite photo of the day!

F a c e b o o k