Project 52 | week 17

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I think Mabel suspects things will change in a few weeks. . . she’s been extra attached to Oresti lately.

Still can’t believe she’ll soon be a big sister!


A Sweater for Luli


Finally finished this sweater for my oldest, Luli!!  I’ve got lots more of this same color, so I think I’ll be making some more little girl sweaters soon:) Had to take a break though and work on something in a different color, so I’m currently working on a green sweater for myself.  I also need to look for another lace pattern.  I LOVE this pattern but I’ve used it now for Mabel’s baptism dress, this sweater and I’ll use it for my sweater.  So I think it’s time to branch out:)

I loved taking Luli out in our woods and photographing her.  Of course the kitties followed us and even posed, haha!  Oh and I also made her little country dress for Easter this year.  It was such a simple dress and I was able to use scraps that I had, but seeing her face light up when I was finished with it was just priceless!!  I love how unspoiled these girls are, hoping they stay that way!!

Project 52 | week 16

Love this funny girl!!

She definitely pushes me to grow in patience and understanding:)

But she is so precious and she loves that she is getting freckles “just like Mama”.



F a c e b o o k