A Day Out!


On Sundays, we usually make the drive into the city for church and then come right back home.  But this past Sunday, we needed to drive up to Georgetown, TX so Oresti could help some friends with a construction issue, so we thought to make a fun day out of it!  We hadn’t been to these parts in quite awhile.  We visited our favorite coffee shop in their little square, then headed to the river to throw rocks in the water.  The girls had a blast!  And it was the perfect October temperature, the kind you enjoy being in the sun.



These next few are from a few weeks ago.  I never shared them and I just love them.  Just us, hanging out as we do in the evenings.

Betsy is such a ham!

After dinner this night, the girls got a rare treat of grape juice.  Here they are saying “GEZUAR!” which is cheers in Albanian.

Stearns Family’s New Addition!


Looking back in 2015, I realized I had a lot of newborn sessions!!  I love photographing newborns and families in those first days home.  This time was special because I was actually able to visit my friends, Cassidy and Shane, in the hospital just after she gave birth!!  I later went to their house to photograph their newest blessing, Phoenix, and their sweet family.  Enjoy!  And if you get to the end of this post, there’s a special announcement!!


love this one below!!

favorite photo of the day, below!



If you are wanting a Fall Mini Session with me, let me know ASAP.  There are only a few spots left!!

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Days go by so quickly around here!  Our days are full of play, learning, praying, eating (lots of it!) and of course construction!!  We’re on a very tight timetable right now, so Oresti has been working double double time (meaning he works till he can’t stand anymore).  He has finished the “floating” of the floors now and we JUST got our mid inspection (and PASSED!)  YAY!!  So, now on to drywall, woohoo!!


Also, wanted to mention that if anyone is interested in FALL MINI SESSIONS, just contact me for details!  I’m offering just a few and a few of them have already been snagged, so be quick if you’d like to reserve a spot.


And now, a quick (or not so quick) update, in photos, of our busy life:


on Baking Day the other week, I was rolling out flat bread and baking it in our brick oven.  I decided on the last one to roll it out super thin, put it on a cookie sheet and sliced it, then brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary and coarse salt, YUM!!  I made crackers, for the first time!!  It was just my regular bread recipe from the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, and it worked so well for crackers, so I will definitely be doing this again.  They were gone in about 5 seconds (my children eat like piranhas when there is good food in sight).


Do you see who’s taking a nap on our tarp??  Yep, one of the kitties has decided it’s his favorite spot.  I just don’t appreciate him getting frisky right above where I’m cooking a big pot of soup!!  That’s my outdoor kitchen area down below!


A friend gave the girls their collection of My Little Ponies recently.  They of course have to play with rocks and random blocks along with the ponies:)

Oh my heart.

F a c e b o o k