Beach Trip in Color!


Two years ago we went to the beach and I posted photos in only black and white.  I still intend to post some black and whites from this year’s trip, but I just had to post a “few” in color!  We had an amazing time this year!  The girls were all so helpful, carrying what they could down to the beach.  We spent 3 full days there and each day we went down at least 3 times (which means 3 times getting suits on, 3 times walking down, 3 times walking back, 3 times hosing everyone off, 3 times showering everyone, and 3 times changing everyone into clean, dry clothes).  You would think that would be overwhelming and stressful, but it really wasn’t!!  We so enjoyed our time there as a family, thanks to my parents who took us and provided a nice condo for us to stay in!!


the memories


my favorite photo of the trip, below!  Sums up what we all thought of our vacation!!  Pure joy!

The little sunsuits you see Betsy and Annie wearing are Nooks!  We LOVE them!!  They make the most amazing up cycled children’s clothing and slippers!

Easley’s at the Beach!


We recently went to the beach with my family and while there, I got to do a quick photoshoot with my sister, brother in law and their adorable daughter!  Aren’t they the cutest little family?!



favorite photo of the day, below!

Mattie – Graduated!


I so enjoyed taking Mattie’s senior portraits this past Spring!  I even got a concert during the shoot, she plays amazingly!!


favorite shot of the day, below!

F a c e b o o k